Frequent Questions

Do I need to already know computer vision?

We don’t require any prior experience with computer vision or machine learning.

Do I need to know python?

Python knowledge is not needed, but coding basics are..
We found that students are most successful when they have some familiarity with (python-independent) coding basics, such as unix commands, terminal-based text editing (i.e. vim / emacs), and familiarity with/usage of github and ssh. We do not require python expertise to apply, but do expect accepted applicants to learn python before the school starts so everyone is on the same page! You should be able to create a python script, push it to/pull it from github, and run it on the command line. There’s plenty of time to learn, but we do want folks to learn that independently of the course. We do expect some programming proficiency and ask for applicants to submit a code example.

Does the data I plan to use need to be data I collected?

If you have your own data you’re welcome to propose a project with it, but we’re also happy to consider proposals that work with public datasets such as those on

Can I apply if I am an international student?

We encourage people from around the world to apply!

What will a typical day look like?

The weekdays tend to be busy, but fun! Last year, most students attended the day-time session and continued on their work into the evening. We in no way require work outside of the scheduled events, though. Check out our Weekly Schedule for more.

Will there be lectures on weekends, too?

The weekends are yours! Last year, we organized field trips around LA, but these were 100% optional. Some students opted to camp in Joshua Tree NP instead, for example!

Will the workshop provide housing and meals?

The workshop provides housing through the duration. Meals (at least lunches and dinners) will be provided during the weekdays at Caltech.